What is a recovery?

A recovery service is very straightforward. It is the act of providing someone with unlocks & modifications for a game. An example of such action is if we were to provide you with modded vehicles, large amounts of cash, and a custom level on Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. In order for us to complete these actions, we need to have access to your account on a PlayStation 3 Console. That is what we charge our customers for, not for the mods themselves, but the act of going onto your account and providing you with the recovery.


PS3 Requirements:

To be able to receive PS3 services:

– An Playstation Network account needs to be created (https://www.playstation.com)
(If you have the playstation two factor authentication activated, deactivate it!)


The Transfer of GTA Characters to PS4 / Xbox 1 or PC IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

If you manage to get banned, it's your fault! If you don't want to risk a ban, go and buy shark cards! And keep in mind that REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE…

How do you know if you’re banned?
When you try to play GTA online it will tell you that you are banned.
If you try to create a new account and you are banned on that as well, you are console banned. You won’t be console banned forever so do not worry. You will just be banned for either 2 weeks, or about 3 months. It is the worst that can happen, but there isn’t anything you can do to fix it.

Did you lose your money?
If you end up losing your money, it is your fault. we will NOT get back onto your account to fix it unless you want to purchase another recovery. This can happen when you put all your money in your bank. DO NOT do this!
(All money given is in cash to greatly minimize ban risk!)


If for some reason your account has not been completed, Skype message or email us as soon as possible! We are very honest and would never rip, scam, or tell a customer their account is completed when it clearly isn’t. We do get a vast amount of people visiting our site and purchasing recoveries, so every now and then an account might not be completed. If this happens to you please do not go around bashing us on social media as it may hurt our reputation so instead contact us via the contact page.


If you fail to read over the requirements and send us an wrong account to modify, that's your fault..